November 20th, 2012
Tape manicure using #skyfall and #goldeneye ūüíÖūüĎć #opi #nailpolishaddict  #polishmadness

Tape manicure using #skyfall and #goldeneye ūüíÖūüĎć #opi #nailpolishaddict #polishmadness

July 21st, 2012

Crab & Workout

Just finished doing zumba and treadmill run at the gym. And gummybear just called and he said he bought some crabs from the fish market…..cheneeeeen! Been craving for crabs for the past few weeks so malamang todohan na naman ng kain ititch. Balewala ang workout hayz!!! Bukas na lang ulet hmf!

July 19th, 2012

Last month, we finally got the chance to experience the amazing Ferrari World at Abu Dhabi. ¬†Our friends Johana and Sarah invited us to come along with them,and the good thing was, we got our tickets for only 25aed. ¬†Thanks for the promo hehehe! If you are in Dubai, and you know this Ferrari’ll definitely grab the opportunity because of the promo ticket price. ¬†Here is their website if you would like to know the original ticket price per person, and the list of their attractions: ¬†

Anyway, we really had an amazing experience there. Experiencing Formula Rossa, the fastest rollercoaster in the world, was really really awesome. ¬†Really! hahaha. ¬†I was really scared at first, considering that was my first time, and the long queue was a pain in the ass. ¬†Imagine, waiting in line for almost 3 hours (the agony of waiting), and you have these mixed emotions if you’re gonna try it or not (yes or no, yes or no, yes or no..aaaahhhh). ¬†But when i saw a little girl, maybe around 9 or 10 yrs old on my left side, who’s very relaxed by the way, like she was just waiting for something, i told myself if she can do it…the hell i can! ¬†The ride lasted for only 1 minute, imagine that..but that was the longest yet amazing 1 minute of my life…:) ¬†Gummybear’s scream was a lot louder than mine hahaha. ¬†And we can barely get our ass off after because our knees were still shaking but we managed to crack a smile, and lift our hands to make a thumbs up sign because Johana was waiting at the finish line to take our pictures. ¬†We survived woooohhhooo! ¬†That was really a good adrenaline kick. ¬†Two weeks after and we still had that amazing Ferrari World fever hahaha. ¬†Got body aches and foot sore from that but it was all worth it. ¬†I simply can’t get over it…:) (obviously)

one of the songs that makes me cry…i love one republic!

new LSS:

We are young 
So let’s set the world on fire¬†
We can burn brighter 
Than the sun 

Carry me home tonight 
Just carry me home tonight 
Carry me home tonight 
Just carry me home tonight¬†‚ô™‚ôę‚ô™

July 18th, 2012

i love baking but i haven’t got my hands into it lately because…first—i was into losing weight until i get tired and decided to go back to eating (which is my first love haha), second—i don’t want to let gummybear eat all the baked foods i made just to show me i’m a good baker…i don’t want him to get diabetes or something (ok, that was worse). ¬†few months ago, i got these donut pans, regular and the mini one which are so cute by the way, so i can’t help myself but find a good donut recipe from the internet (of course!) big thanks to my dear friend Google who has the answer to everything!

finally got my first tat woohooo!!! it was a gift to me by my good friend Johana (i don’t know how much it cost her) on my last birthday. ¬†i was nervous at first thinking it would hurt so much but when Kuya (i forgot his name) started to make the outlines, it was all gone. ¬†even Gummybear told me he would buy some numbing cream so it wouldn’t hurt so much. ¬†I told him i didn’t feel anything. ¬†So there, my first tattoo—a small butterfly. ¬†For me, it signifies freedom. ¬†I’m contemplating on my 2nd tat now while i’m typing this hahaha. ¬†maybe next year…on my next birthday…:)

one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies, How to lose a guy in 10 days

it’s good to be back

been out from tumblr for quite a while. ¬†i was busy losing weight but food always got me so there…..obviously unsuccessful! ¬†i’m not really a blog person but sometimes sharing my thoughts even when i know nobody’s gonna read it, somehow relieves me from boredom and other things. ¬†You know what i mean when you’re a housewife or a bummer in some case. ¬†And sometimes, I really don’t know how to put into words what i really wanted to say. ¬†But i’m still trying. ¬†I love reading blogs…celebrities or not…maybe that’s the reason why i cannot delete my tumblr account. ¬†i maybe on and off here but i will always come back for you dear Tumblr. ¬†

July 17th, 2012

i’m getting addicted to nail polish lately {i presume..:)}. ¬†so here are some pictures of my painted nails using OPI nail lacquers which are my current favorites because of the nice colors, their cute names, and of course the quality of the polish which lasts longer than other polishes i have tried on. ¬†i just hope i could get more lacquers next time because they have amazing collections..sana mag-sale ulet hehehe..:) ¬†I just do my own mani-pedi at home so forgive the messy sides sometimes..:))